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  • No expensive overnight shipping

  • Service that comes to your door

  • Graphs and Tables

  • Consistency

  • Accuracy

  • Personable service

Why choose WLS?


Other companies that may test your water rely on you to ship the sample to them and then provide you with results that can sometimes be confusing. 

With WLS we will come directly to your greenhouse, collect the samples for you and provide you with the results in an easy to read and understand table and graph. 

By coming directly to your greenhouse we eliminate the hassle and expense of accurate collection and delivery. Also ensuring consistent sampling technique to provide accurate results week to week.  

The results gathered will be presented to you in a table and graph allowing you to easily track changes on a week to week basis.

The final advantage of WLS is the personable service from someone who has worked at both the farm and research levels; who is able to provide you with quality service.

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